Instant insights and access to data

Our Insights Platform is a cloud-based analytics environment that centralizes your data and connects it to preconfigured reports to provide business insights.

Deliver valuable
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Get one of our data scientists to deliver even more insights.

Insights Platform

Our Insights Platform provides instant insight and access to data. Get one of our expert data scientists to add more custom sources and reports to deliver extra business value.

  • Centralize data into a secure, cloud-based data warehouse

    We centralize all of your data sources using custom ETL pipelines to ensure that it is ready for analytics once in your data warehouse. This will develop a foundation that will form the basis of your analytics capability.

  • Connect pre-built reports to data warehouse

    We will instantly deliver a set of powerful, preconfigured reports for you to work from. These reports are connected to your data warehouse and update as soon as your data does.

  • Get additional help from a data scientist.

    Our data scientists can query the centralized warehouse, build custom reports using the best analytics software and use both machine learning and AI to answer the burning questions you need answered.

Insight Boards

Insight Boards are our dashboards that provide real-time and predictive analytics with actionable insights.

Insights for Brokers

Get a real-time view of the performance of your brokers and your portfolio as a whole, covering metrics such as loss ratios, retention rates, new business rates, productivity and more. It also includes added insights and predictive analytics, which allows you to focus on the current and future problems. Data sources: C360

Insights for Marketing

Get a real-time view of your platform engagement and your marketing performance across different campaigns. It highlights the areas that have been successful and those that haven't. We track metrics such as people reached, cost per click and more. Data sources: Facebook Ads, Google Analytics

Insights for Sales

Get a real-time view of the sales performance of your company and your sales reps. We show the sales pipeline, the opportunity win rate (with forecasting), which leads/opportunities to focus on and more. Data sources: Salesforce, Hubspot

Insights for Finance

Get a real-time view of your financial performance with trends and forecasting. You will be able to see your age analysis (payable and receivable), actual vs. budget tracking by item, most important accounting ratios, cash movements and more. Data sources: Quickbooks, Sage

Why Insights Platform?

Get our Insights Platform to ensure access to analysis ready data and Insight Boards that will help you make better decisions faster.

Systems We Support

Our solution supports storage in AWS, Azure or Google and we can connect to various data sources varying from CRM systems to excel workbooks.

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