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Our Company Values

Everything about EXPLORE Insights is guided by a set of values which we believe in wholeheartedly and which drive us to change the world!

  • Invest your
    Soul in the Game

    Our world is both beautiful but brutal, expansive yet suffocating, affirming and devastating. It is like no other. It’s a land that asks difficult questions to all who live in it. It is here that we have been born and where we must rise. It is here where we must stand and be counted. It is here where it is our duty to make things better.

    Be principles driven. Serve values that are timeless. Be purpose-driven. Do things that are meaningful. Do work that will make your children proud. Look yourself in the mirror every morning. Leave a mark on the world. Live passionately. Care deeply about your work.

  • Body on the Line

    Be accountable - own your patch of turf. Be a team player - we expect dedication & commitment to the shared cause.

    Be brave - we are courageous & stick to our principles It’s about taking accountability, about working hard, about personal sacrifice, about not stopping when things get tough.

    Sacrifice. Fortitude. Dedication. Courage. Inner Strength.

  • Demand
    Black Belt Execution

    In the martial arts you only earn your black-belt if your Sensei can see that you are committed to furthering the legacy of the belt.

    Once you have mastered an art your job is to teach the next generation of young warriors. That is your duty. That is how it works.

    To be a master you have to be teacher. To be a warrior you have to care. Do not stop until you get there. Challenge your assumptions. Focus on outcomes and not inputs. Teach others by the example you set. Teach the warriors of tomorrow so they can be stronger than you are today.

    Agree what is important. Then do it.

  • Plant Trees you’ll
    Never See

    Dedicate your life to helping others. Expect nothing in return.

    Act selflessly. Work tirelessly. Pay it forward. Remember you are indebted to Life until you help some less fortunate person. Invest in the next generation. Build a world that you want your grandchildren to live in.

    Start small. Just a few seeds. Water them every day. See what happens over the years. Share your gifts. Build for a distant future.

    Give back. Contribute. Leave the world in a better place.

  • Choose Growth

    When faced with a choice, two paths to potentially walk, reflect to yourself:
    “Which of these will stretch, broaden, expand and challenge me?”
    “Which is less comfortable, more painful and consumes more courage?” Then choose that path.
    Choose the Growth, the Grit and the Grace.
    Be fearless in following your truth. And do the work along the way.

  • Solve the Problem

    Creating the space, structure and conditions for the rigorous search of the best ideas and solutions for any problem to be solved.
    This takes radical transparency and uncompromising open-mindedness. To ensure that the best idea wins.
    Every day there will be many problems that hit you. Some big, others small. There will be waves of problems to solve. They will never end. The more successful you are the bigger your problems will be.
    Successful people roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.
    They solve the problems.

  • Be Ridiculously Optimistic

    Setting your sights on the impossible is an exhilarating way to learn. There is only one way to live your best possible life: Aim for the
    stars. Believe in your dreams. Keep going.

    Don’t stop. Never give up. Find a way.

  • Walk Barefoot

    Walk with gratitude. Walk with respect. Walk with purpose. Walk with your feet close to the ground.
    Give thanks for the gifts you have been given. Never take what you have for granted.
    Don’t dwell on your successes. Never count your trophies.
    Stay humble. Stay pure. Stay grounded.
    Show respect. Treat everyone with the dignity they deserve.
    Honor the path you have chosen.

  • EXPLORE with Gumption

    We were all children. We were all bursting with crazy beautiful ideas. We were all artists with giant paintbrushes splashing streaks of fun on the world in front of us. Joyful. Experimenting. Tripping. Falling. Learning. Growing. But.

    Life gets in the way. Life beats us up. We lose parts of ourselves.

    Take risks. Jump off of cliffs. Chase your curiosity. Laugh until you can’t breathe anymore. Ignore what people tell you to do. Follow what you believe in. Make mistakes. Do crazy things. Live dangerously.
    Be present.Life is short. Have fun.
    Stay foolish. Stay hungry.

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